All is well.

One night when I accidentally ate too much weed, it occurred to me that everything in life is a paradox. One cannot feel happy without feeling sorrow, there is no light without darkness, there is no gain without loss. Inside all matter is just empty space, vortices of energy dancing with one another, trapped in a circular orbit around more emptiness. Everything is random, yet forms a pattern at some scale. Everything changes, but stays the same. Life itself only arose in the face of adversity, being destroyed over and over under the bombardment of cosmic phenomena, only taking form to contradict the chaos. Every advancement being opposed with hostility from all sides; every achievement overshadowed by the immovable, stoic indifference of reality which we have only recently begun to grasp. Everything learned reveals an exponential number of new mysteries, and if we stop learning… if we stop changing, we disappear.

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