The future of FPS gaming

In the age of copycat games, such as all of the Call of Duty/ Counter-strike/Unreal/Battlefield clones, everything blurs together, and few stand out anymore. Delicious FPS gaming has been diluted by the dirty bathwater of mundane and unimaginative corporate cookie cutter games. The occasional breath of fresh air like Team Fortress 2 and Chivalry are enough to keep me going, however unexcited… that is until Fadecon 2015, where I had the privilege of playing the most innovative game I’ve seen in at least a decade, called Arms of Telos, created by a lone developer, Justin Pierce (Overpowered Games) in Unity, so it is also platform independent. This is no ordinary first person shooter, the same map can have different gravity zones, you can float through space and propel your ‘Ghost in The Shell’ type spidermecha using thrusters, grappling hooks, or short range teleporters, or you can duke it out in enclosed arenas with gravity. Enough talk though, watch the videos to see what I’m on about.

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Pissing in the wind

To continue my thought about everything being paradoxical, consider the tendency of events unfolding in the exact opposite way of the intended actions. The children of controlling parents end up being the most trouble. People who try to be cool are uncool in proportion of their effort to be cool. A baby that needs extra attention and cries often ends up being ignored the most. Couples that try too hard to maintain their relationship often end up destroying it. Places with more laws end up having the most crime and violence. Projects that are funded the most often yield the worst results. The ship that was specifically designed to be unsinkable was sunk by an iceberg on its maiden voyage.

I’m not implying that this is always the case, a leaf blows in the same direction as the wind, but it is interesting that so many things in life can’t be taken at face value, control is often an illusion, even control we think we have over our own lives. I don’t think that means we shouldn’t try to control certain aspects of life, but perhaps loosening the reigns enough to let it take us wherever it leads, within reason, spontaneously following opportunities and taking unusual risks, because trying too hard to safely coast through life douses the flames that make life worth living.

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All is well.

One night when I accidentally ate too much weed, it occurred to me that everything in life is a paradox. One cannot feel happy without feeling sorrow, there is no light without darkness, there is no gain without loss. Inside all matter is just empty space, vortices of energy dancing with one another, trapped in a circular orbit around more emptiness. Everything is random, yet forms a pattern at some scale. Everything changes, but stays the same. Life itself only arose in the face of adversity, being destroyed over and over under the bombardment of cosmic phenomena, only taking form to contradict the chaos. Every advancement being opposed with hostility from all sides; every achievement overshadowed by the immovable, stoic indifference of reality which we have only recently begun to grasp. Everything learned reveals an exponential number of new mysteries, and if we stop learning… if we stop changing, we disappear.

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